The Ocean of Grace – Vol 3


The Ocean of Grace – Vol 3 Amma's children from all corners of the world

“Whether we laugh or cry, days will pass by. So why not choose to laugh?” Amma says, “Happiness is a decision.” Many of Amma’s children have faced tremendous hardships in both material as well as spiritual life. This teaching of Amma’s may be one of the most profound and at the same time one of the most difficult to accept. Is happiness really a choice?

This book contains the transformational journeys of twenty-five of Amma’s children. Every story is real. Every child is unique. So many struggled hard to open up to receive Amma’s pure and selfless love. Yet somehow an inner transformation started the moment Amma touched their lives, and each person in their own time eventually became receptive to her love and grace.

Accepting Amma’s love and grace is always a turning point in everyone’s life. As we read these chronicles that her devotees have offered in love, it removes any doubts that we too can grow into a life filled with love. Therefore let’s laugh with enthusiasm and follow Amma’s loving clarion call: “My children, happiness is a decision.


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