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Amrita Organics products are high-quality natural cosmetics, based on the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and awarded with the COSMOS seal of approval for natural and organic cosmetics. Cosmetics with natural ingredients support the skin in its natural regenerative capacity and bring it into balance. Click the link below to know more about the products and the ingredients used in them.

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Used for centuries in spiritual rituals and to provide a delicate fragrance. Carefully and lovingly hand-crafted by M.A. Math's monks and nuns.

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Creating a close and personal interaction with our Amma doll really helps us to connect to our inner childlike nature. Since Amma is an embodiment of pure love that we can relate to, focusing on her helps us to develop the same divine qualities and virtues within ourselves. All our dolls are handmade with love and prayers.

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Deepen your understanding of Amma and Amma's teachings via the books written by Amma's senior disciples. You can find various types of books, whether they are the conversations with Amma since the early 1980s or the Eastern spiritual traditions put in practical and easily understandable terms.

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Grow ripe vegetables and beautiful flowers in your garden. Growing your own organic vegetables helps you to have healthy food without any chemicals in them. Also, using the mixture for bees helps in protecting bees. Bees are not just important for humans but for the entire ecosystem as they allow plants to reproduce through pollination.

SAUKHYAM PADS           Buy online >

Reusable cloth pads are better for your health, easier on your wallet and harmless for the planet. Bye bye plastic, hello banana fibre! Disposable pads are harmful for the environment and can have a negative impact on women's health. Choose the healthy, sustainable option and support women's groups in rural India at the same time!

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One of the finest and most comprehensive collections of jewellery that includes variety of Mala's , Beads, Rings, Bracelets. Have a look to see which of them is made just for you.

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Yantra is a geometrical diagram, used for the worship of deities in temples or at home as an aid in meditation. When concentrated on Yantra, the mental narratives cease and help to stabilize the mind and provide a door to orient you with divine energies. Have a look at the different Yantras on offer and see which Yantra speaks to you the most.

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Greet every day with a 12x12 monthly calendar filled with stunning photographs of Amma. This beautifully designed calendar includes major Hindu and international religious holidays. The spectacular digital photography is enhanced by an artistic layout, and perfectly showcases the precious moments captured by the photos.