Amrita Organics

Amrita Organics products are high-quality natural cosmetics, based on the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and awarded with the COSMOS seal of approval for natural and organic cosmetics. 

Why are natural cosmetics actually better than conventional cosmetics?
Thanks to natural ingredients, natural cosmetics are better tolerated by the skin of most people than conventional cosmetics. Skin irritations and allergies are triggered less frequently. Many ingredients of conventional skincare products have a negative effect on the skin's respiratory system as well as on the skin's own regenerative ability, defense, and regulation of the moisture balance. In this way, the skin is downright "weakened" and remains dependent on care products.

Cosmetics with natural ingredients, on the other hand, support the skin in its natural regenerative capacity and bring it into balance. Their ingredients are generally of a higher quality and do not clog the pores. 

The certified, organic, and natural cosmetics that you can find in the Amrita shop are made with organic ingredients, are free of mineral and crude oil, paraffin, and synthetic preservatives.

How can natural cosmetics be recognized?
You can recognize valuable natural cosmetics on the one hand by the ingredients and on the other hand by the COSMOS seal. The COSMOS-standard was created by an international, non-profit association based in Belgium. The association ensures that consumers are provided with clear and transparent information about a natural product.