Rudraksha & Amethyst Gemstone Wrist Mala


Our Rudraksha and Amethyst Wrist Mala is a powerful tool that can guide you on your spiritual journey, providing balance and tranquility.

Rudrakshas, in particular, have many powerful properties. Famous for focusing and calming the system, they have long been used as an aid to meditation and healing in the East. In China they were long used to improve the flow of life energy or chi; in Japan they were used by Zen monks to aid in meditation, and in India they adorn many a yogi and are said to be beloved of many deities, especially Lord Shiva. Rudrakshas are said to have many health benefits, but they also greatly facilitate concentration, making them a natural choice as prayer beads. All told they are a unique and powerful spiritual tool.

Amethyst healing properties are as abundant as the stone itself. 

Amethyst symbolises creative thinking and wisdom. It helps with headaches, nervousness and stress-related tension, is pain-relieving and supports regeneration processes. The amethyst is often used to open the spiritual and psychic centers and also for meditation. Amethyst connects us with the divine within us. 

Handmade with love. Due to the nature of gemstones, each bracelet may vary slightly in color, and overall appearance. 


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