From Amma's Heart


Amma is a saint like no other. For the past 30 years Amma has dedicated her life to the upliftment of humanity through the simplest of gestures - an embrace. In this intimate manner, Amma has blessed and consoled more than 30 million people throughout the world.

Wherever she travels - be it India, America or Europe - thousands flock to see her. They seek her boundless love and compassion, her comfort and her advice. This book is a collection of Amma's answers to questions asked during her programs in the West since 1999. Some were asked in a formal setting but most were asked by those sitting beside her and those resting in her arms as she was giving darshan.

Amma speaks on a variety of topics, including the nature of birth and death, worldly relationship - how and why it works, war and peace, and spiritual practices and philosophy. Irrespective of the question, Amma answers in her own inimitable earthy style - full of love of a mother and the wisdom of a true spiritual master, presenting the most esoteric of spiritual truths in a manner so simple that even a child could understand.


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