The Ocean of Grace – Volume 2


The Ocean of Grace – Volume 2: Tributes to Amma’s All-Embracing Love

"Spirituality is the science that teaches us how to live happily in the world,” Amma says, and these recollections of devotees’ experiences reveal how Amma has guided them to uncover this secret knowledge that lies dormant in our hearts.

Amma’s every glance, every touch, every word, literally every thought arising from her presence reveals an intimacy with her that transcends the limitations of time and space. It is through this deep connection that Amma guides us out of the mire of worldliness and into the realm of overflowing love.

Having been touched by Amma’s love, the soul yearns for an ever-expanding heart, just as a tree reaches for the sky — and suddenly we realize that our lives have been transformed. Evolving through selfless action and contemplation, Amma’s children awaken to their mother’s call: “Amma bows down to all of you, who are embodiments of pure
love and the supreme self.”


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