The Brahmasthanam (EN)


Explores the significance of temple worship. As Amma says, instead of Prema Bhakti (pure devotion), what we usually see today is kamya bhakti (devotion with a motive). For these reasons, today's temple worship is inadequate even for the eradication of the miseries of past karmas. The concept behind Amma's immensely popular and unique Brahmasthanam temples in India is to lead us to the state of Self-Realisation.

This book describes in detail why pujas and rituals work and what the seeker must do to advance. The book ends with stories of miraculous interventions by God. Amma says, "Your heart is the real temple. It is there that you must install God. Good thoughts are the flowers to be offered to Him. Good actions are the worship. Good words are the hymns. Love is the divine offering."


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