Rudraksha and Crystal Mala - 54 Beads


One of the most beautiful of all the malas, this string of Rudraksha and quartz crystal prayer beads consists of 54 beads all joined with silver. Beautiful enough to be worn alone as a necklace, this mala was designed to be used while chanting one's mantra. The Rudraksha beads are said to enhance concentration and calm the nervous system, while the properties of the crystal purify, heal, and are also said to be useful in aiding one's intuition. Malas are often worn for purification, for protection, and for uplifting the mind, body, and spirit. They are also symbols of the never-ending cycle of creation and are beloved of many deities. All told they are a very powerful spiritual tool. For those interested in the benefits of the Rudraksha, you may wish to explore our selection of large single beads which have many useful and powerful benefits.