On the Trail of Liberation - Volume 1

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by Brahmachari Madhavamrita Chaitanya

Amma is a wonder; everything about her is wonders. This is the experience of the countless people who have met her. What is the secret of her charisma? Her abidance in the Divine and her ability to strike an instant motherly rapport with her children.

This book is the first volume of the compilation of talks given by Amma's Monastic children, most of have lived with her at least two decades. The talks recount precious moment with Amma and reveals priceless pearls of spiritual understanding they have gleaned from those interactions. Every devotee has his or her own story of Amma to tell. The stories in this book are some of those who, inspired by Amma, renounced worldly life to dedicate themselves to a life of spiritual practice and selfless service.

This book is also an archive of life in Amritapuri, the nucleus of Amma's mission and the hub from which her spiritual influence is radiating out towards the rest of the world. Reading it will give a finer appreciation of Amma's epochal mission: uplifting humanity by reinstating the timeless values of loving and serving others.