On the Trail of Liberation Vol.5


As with the previous volumes of this series, this, too, is a compilation of talks given in Amma’s physical presence. To discourse on the Truth while sitting next to its embodiment can be daunting.It is akin to man telling God the secrets of His creation.

It seems presumptuous but it’s not so. Being in Amma’s sacred presence or even anticipating it is affecting in ways the conscious mind can never quite understand. As Amma puts it, the mind is ‘in satsang’—in the presence of the Truth—even while preparing for a talk. The speaker knows that the talk is not the place for self-glorification, because he or she is going to speak in the presence of a Guru, whose very presence spells doom for the ego. But more than being intimidating, being in Amma’s presence is a joyful experience. It is deeply intimate, because it is nothing less than a baring of one’s soul to the knower of all souls.

Sharing one’s insights with other children of the Divine Mother is also a form of fellowship with kindred souls who share similar spiritual aspirations. We hope this volume will also bring you, dear reader, closer to Amma—closer to the Truth.
Published By The Disciples Of Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, Affectionately Known As Mother, Or Amma The Hugging Saint.