Light of My Heart


by Anna Prabha Dreier

Since time immemorial, India has been blessed with an unbroken presence of great sages. These saintly souls have always embodied the wisdom of India‘s oldest scriptures and lived only for the sake of others.
Amma is such a being. Even as a child, she selflessly served her family and community in steadfast conviction to Truth. Amma continues to dedicate herself to the upliftment of people in India and throughout the world.
Anna Prabha Dreier met Amma in Schweibenalp, Switzerland during Amma‘s World Tour of 1989. It was a life-changing encounter that led her to move permanently to Amma‘s ashram in India. She lived there for seventeen years under the guidance of Amma‘s teachings and served for many years as the photographer of her beloved Master. In this book she shares her intimate experiences of Amma in words and pictures.