Lead Us To The Light

Lead Us To The Light

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Like many of Amma's discourses, Lead Us to The Light takes the form of question and answer sessions between her and her devotees. Some conversations are centred on a particular topic, on other occasions the questions posed address uncertainties that arise in the minds of the listeners. Mother gives her responses to all of them. Her only aim is our spiritual progress.

Compiled by Swami Jnanamritananda Puri, the topics in this book include: Lord of Yoga, Protector of Dharma, Women and Society, the Master-Disciple relationship, Speaking with Westerners, Night Time with Mother at the Backwaters, as well as many others.

"Questioning is sign of growth taking place in the mind, but if doubts are not removed they will hinder the progress of the individual and should therefore be cleared immediately. Only then will the journey forward be possible. The words of a mahatma (great soul) can be fully trusted to free from confusion those who thirst for spiritual knowledge." -- Amma.

>Q: Is it possible to enjoy spiritual bliss while still living in this world?

>Mother: Certainly. Spiritual experience is indeed something to be enjoyed in this world, with this body, and not something to be gained after death. Spirituality and worldly life are both ingredients of life. One does not exist totally without the other, just as in the case of mind and body. Spirituality is the science that teaches us how to live happily in the material world. There are two kinds of learning. One is the learning required for a job, for work. The other is learning for living. Schooling of the former type will get us a job. But if we want to live in peace and happiness, we need another kind of learning. That is spirituality. That is the knowledge of the mind. Spirituality is thus the practical science of life. It explains the nature of the world and teaches us how to live according to that nature.

-- An excerpt from Lead Us To The Light.