Healing at Home

Healing at Home

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Healing at Home by Dr. Nibodhi Haas

Today’s environment is vastly different from the environment of our ancestors. This may manifest as different physical, emotional and mental imbalances. Home cleansing is the personal process of internal and external purification of body and mind.
Based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Naturopathy, Dr. Nibodhi Haas explains the benefits of a daily routine that follows the natural rhythms of life. This book explains how an internal home cleansing regime alleviates tension, exhaustion and other symptoms related to stress and toxicity.

By exploring various dietary protocols, exercise routines, meditations, and other methods of self-healing, you will gain practical tools to make deep changes in your health and consciousness.

This guidebook will help you feel nurtured, purified and rejuvenated through the methods of traditional natural healing systems adapted to modern day lifestyle