Hanuman Yantra



Hanuman, known also as 'Anjaneya', is one of the most important personalities in the epic of the Ramayana. He aided Lord Rama (Vishnu) in rescuing His Consort, Sita, from the Rakshasa king Ravana. He symbolizes the pinnacle of bhakti, and is considered to be the eleventh Rudra avatar of Lord Shiva. He is more well-known as the (spiritual) Son of Vayu Deva, the Hindu deity of the wind.

Hanuman is the epitome of wisdom, brahmacharya, bhakti (devotion/faith), valor, righteousness and strength. He is symbolized in Hinduism for his unwavering dedication to righteousness, unstinting performance of entrusted duties, and unfailing talents in serving Ram. His indispensable role in reuniting Rama with Sita is likened by some to that of a teacher helping an individual soul realize the divine. While the uninitiated may find it odd to worship "a monkey", to believers, the idea is to worship the astounding attributes represented by Hanuman, that even most humans find hard to practice.

Available in 3x3 and 6x6 inches.


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