Crystal Mala on Silver Wire 54 Large Bead


One of the most beautiful of all malas, this rosary is made from high-quality quartz crystal which is highly polished until the beads look like clear, glowing glass. Accenting the natural beauty of the beads, the crystals are joined by polished silver wire. Crystal has many powerful properties, and when used in a mala, it is said to be very purifying and helpful in aiding one's intuition. It is also said to be excellent for the relief of headaches.

A mala is a string of beads, used like a rosary, to facilitate concentration on a mantra. "Complete freedom from the bondage of mind and ego will create a flow of love within. People are bound by the past and the future; that is why it so difficult to find true love in the world. In order to really be able to love, both the past and the future must dissolve and disappear."--Amma