Awaken Children, vol 6


One of the main subjects in Volume 6 is the complex subject of karma, the spiritual law of cause and effect. Amma says, "This circle will continue until you stop reacting to the present, which is the effect of the past. When you can accept present experiences as inevitable, as the consequences of your own actions and face them without any thought of anger or revenge, then the circle of Karma will stop moving." Volume 6 contains Ammachi's teaching conversations and dialogues with devotees between July and October 1984. Some of the topics covered are: the art of dying; delusion by ego; the theory of karma; contentment; respect for all life; self-centredness; the child within; study of scriptures; as well as forgiving and forgetting.

The Awaken Children! series covers Amma's inspirational conversations with various seekers from 1976 onwards. All the conversations have been faithfully recorded by her senior disciples.


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