Sri Yantra

Sri Yantra

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The Sri Yantra is a highly mystical symbol that has been revered and worshipped since ancient times. Based on a precise mathematical formula, the 9 major triangles are perfectly interlocked.

Traditionally, the Sri Yantra is displayed with the central triangle pointing down. In that position there are 5 downward-pointing and 4 upward-pointing triangles. The upward-pointing triangles indicate man's striving to reach God while the downward-pointing triangles represent God's reaching down to pull man up to Him.

That there are more downward triangles shows that God's grace is greater than man's effort. Where these triangles intersect depicts the entire field of creation. The central Bindu (dot) depicts the unity or changeless eternal being beyond creation.

Available in 3x3 and 6x6 inches.