Save the bees - flower mixture, organic

Save the bees - flower mixture, organic

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Flower Mixture for bees

The flower mixture provides important nutrients that the bees urgently need for survival. Bees are a very important aspect of pollination. In fact, they are responsible for almost 80% of pollination worldwide and produce one-third of our food crops. Unfortunately, bees are dying at an alarming rate due to industrialised agriculture, pesticides, habitat destruction, lack of food, parasites, and climate change. We can help the bees by growing organic flowers, which provide them with the food they need to fight the stresses they face.


Included in the blend - buckwheat, cornflower, calendula, borage, dill, and phacelia.


Direct sowing in late spring. Dig and rake the soil to a fine slope. Spread the seeds evenly. Cover lightly with soil. The condition should be moist.


4g (3-4m² surface area)